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Why Every Realtor Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy Today

The times are changing. Real estate agents have mainly used traditional advertising like open houses, flyers, billboards, and business cards. However, brokers and agents must adopt a digital marketing strategy today to succeed in the digital era.

While most people would still prefer to see the property in person first, digital marketing in real estate allows agents to gain the interests of possible buyers and renters without spending too much time waiting for people to show up at open houses. It’s also a solution to get ahead of your competition since it isn’t widely adopted yet. 

Implementing Digital Marketing Solutions in Real Estate

Having an online presence as a realtor allows you to connect with potential buyers and sellers early on in the research phase. Consumers want things that are convenient and accessible and require less face-to-face contact or phone time. In these changing times, consumers are comfortable shopping around the internet and social media to inform their potential buying decisions. If you aren’t meeting them on the platforms where they are doing their research, your brand has no chance of being noticed.

Most brokers and agents depend heavily on Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia for leads and recognition. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But as a broker or an agent, your focus must shift to personal lead generation ads and proper social media management to increase lead conversion. I will write more about my thoughts on the importance of pivoting away from Zillow and Realtor.com in an upcoming blog post.

Digital Marketing Strategy to Close the Gap

Each property listing requires a certain amount of advertising. The focus needs to be online. Digital marketing captures the attention of potential customers and clients and engages them down the sales funnel. Becky and Barbara are real estate agents. Becky doesn’t promote her listings on social media, but Barbara does. Who has the upper hand in finding those Millennial buyers?

Realtors can complement their social media campaigns with email marketing as well. While email marketing is becoming less effective, developing an email list to promote and circulate your business is beneficial. In addition, it shows that you are more polished and passionate about your business. 

Chatbots and Augmented Reality

Chatbots are also useful to answer any questions that the customer may have. It’s a great feature to have on your website for direct response actions instead of directing them to your email or cell phone.

Another technology to think about is Virtual Reality. The adoption and implementation of VR are still in the early phases. However, the real estate industry will be widely adopted, just like most other business sectors. Augmented Reality will transform the entire sales cycle in real estate. The companies and individuals who offer AR tours will have a leg up on the competition. Start doing your research and development now.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management requires a lot of time and effort. However, this type of marketing boosts your presence as a realtor. Realtors must promote their listings on social media via posts, stories, IGTV, and Reels to play to the IG algorithm model. In addition, realtors need to engage their audience and potential clients with general real estate content, case studies, success stories, fun facts, testimonials, and more. This will portray potential clients that you are knowledgeable, credible, and passionate about what you do. This will take up a decent amount of time. We recommend that you allocate 2-3 hours per week to create your social content for the upcoming week. If you don’t have free time, then Ignite2Lead can do it for you!

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