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What is Social Proof? Does My Brand Have It?

Does your brand have social proof? For the following scenario, we’re going to use a Real Estate Agent as an example. But you can substitute the Real Estate Agent for any business looking to thrive in the future.

A Social Proof Scenario

Bob is 30 years old and decided that it’s time to buy his first home. But Bob knows very little about the process and decides that his first step is to search online (like all Millennials do) to find a reliable agent to help him out. In his local search on Instagram, Bob stumbles upon two agents, Tony and Mary.

Tony only has 83 followers, his Instagram account hasn’t been active in a few months, and he doesn’t have any content that addresses any Real Estate related topics that might help Bob out. To make matters worse, Tony doesn’t have a website.

Bob then checks out Mary’s Instagram page. Mary has 3,083 followers. Frequently, she posts about her passion for Real Estate, fun facts, “How-To” videos, and tips for first-time home buyers. Also, Mary has a website.

Which agent is Bob more likely to reach out to for more information? 99% of the people in Bob’s shoes will choose Mary without any hesitation. The reason is because of Social Proof.

How Does The Idea of Social Proof Work?

Social Proof works by tapping into the basic human instinct to follow the action of others. If an idea, product, or service resonates with a large group, tribe, or community, human beings will feel more comfortable following suit. The very presence of social proof makes a business more trustworthy, credible, and typically more successful. As it relates to social media behaviors, consumers will gravitate toward the user/account with more followers. More so, if those followers are actively liking and engaging with the content. If Tony and Mary were equally active and engaging on Instagram, but Tony had more followers than Mary, the majority would choose Tony.

Final Thought

For your business to succeed online, invest in boosting your social proof and follower base. Engage your audience with relatable content and encourage them to share your content with friends and family. Social Proof may sound silly. But there is a biological aspect behind it.

Social Proof does not only pertain to the Real Estate business. It is relatable to any brand, product, or service that wants to succeed in the digital era.

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