Ignite2Lead's Products & Services for Small Business

Digital Advertising Campaigns

  • Target specific consumers with hyper-targeted ads to increase sales
  • Boost brand awareness and generate more leads
  • Increase traffic by running ads across social media 
  • Grow your reach to new target demographics quickly
  • Control your budget to meet the needs of the overall marketing strategy

Website Development

  • Websites are now a necessity 
  • Showcase your brand with a modern website
  • Incorporate an interactive user experience on top of a beautiful design
  • Use our beautiful websites to educate and captivate your audience and customers

Social Media Management

  • Save hours of work every week by allowing Ignite2Lead to create and manage posts
  • Daily posts drive higher engagement and reach
  • Stay relevant by maintaining a constant online presence
  • Stay on track with social media posts with a custom calendar that we provide
  • Be seen as trustworthy and knowledgeable on your product or service

Content & Video Production

  • Take your business to the next level with beautifully crafted videos
  • Sizzle reels, interviews, explainer videos & more
  • Produce more engaging video content to create a better user experience
  • Come up with creative ideas that will attract customers and improve ROI
  • Videos & images created and edited for all social media formats 

Social Follower Growth & Engagement

  • Grow your follower count through our incentive and influencer marketing approach
  • Understand the power of Social Proof for your business against your competition
  • Drive more interaction through likes and comments
  • Social Media algorithms prioritize accounts with higher engagement
  • Min. 1,000/month ; Max. 180,000/month

Marketing Consultancy

  • Work one-on-one with an Ignite2Lead consultant who understands your needs
  • Save time by getting weekly marketing advice 
  • Get to know the best practices in digital marketing
  • Learn how to increase ROI for your marketing campaigns
  • Understand new trends in online marketing techniques for your business