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Real Estate Marketing 101: What Every Realtor Needs to Know

The Real Estate industry is evolving. Consumer behavior is changing faster, making it a challenge for Realtors to keep up. The traditional Real Estate Marketing strategies applied by Realtors are less effective. Billboards, flyers, newsletters, and business cards are a thing of the past. We are now in the digital era. Brokers and Agents need to play along to succeed in the future.

The Digital Revolution

The digital revolution started years ago. But we can thank the pandemic for expediting it. Every business is shifting to a digital-first marketing strategy to meet consumers who spend most of their time online and on social media platforms. Adopting a digital-first strategy is not optional for the Real Estate industry. It should be mandatory. 

Many Realtors have jumped-started their business online. According to the NAR, 73% of Realtors use Facebook to promote their business. In addition, 58% have a LinkedIn account, and 51% have their own website. It’s a step in the right direction. But Realtors need to do more. They need a digital marketing strategy.

Real Estate Marketing Solutions

Realtors must market and advertise their brands online. Out-of-home marketing is just a bonus at this point. The importance of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads is sometimes overlooked in the Real Estate business. Less than 30% of the industry is investing in advertising campaigns on those platforms. That leaves the window of opportunity wide open for your business. 

Aside from Lead Generation Ads, Real Estate businesses must treat their social media accounts like personal diaries. Creating posts about new listings and general Real Estate information shows the consumer that you’re passionate about your work. It also provides them the validation they need to choose your business over another broker or agent.

The Final Thought

The Real Estate marketing strategies mentioned above may seem timely and overwhelming. It’s a valid assessment since the life of a Realtor is strenuous and time-consuming. But developing a digital marketing game plan doesn’t have to be a headache.

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Thinking About Entering the Real Estate Market Craze as an Agent?

We’ve heard from several expert sources that the real estate run has at least another year to go before it starts to level off. One of our employees recently got his real estate license to practice on the weekends to make a little extra cash. But, since Covid started, a flood of new agents have entered the scene. In another blog post, we’ve discussed how the Real Estate space is becoming cluttered and the need for brokers and agents to stand out with more digital marketing. Check it out here!

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