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Mistakes Consumers & Companies Make When Using Social Media Management Products & Services

There are many Social Media Management products and services out there to boost your brand’s performance. But many times, consumers and businesses alike, make mistakes or get lazy with their brand. Don’t worry, when it comes to Ignite2Lead, you are in great hands.

Here is a list of mistakes that brands make when using SMM tools and how they can be fixed…

1. Not Taking the Time to Reflect on the Content Posted

Companies need to take time to reflect on posts and links shared. Checking each post and link before posting it. This will ensure that the message is accurate, organized, and designed for the brand or company.

2. Lack of Participation in the Social Media Management Service

Social Media success is about engaging with your followers. To do this, you may need to change your posting schedule so as not to overwhelm your audience with too much content at one time. It’s also important to use a variety of media types–text, video, images, and more–to engage followers and provide a unique experience for them each time they visit your page.

3. Signing Up for More Social Media Management Services Than You Need

It’s important to sign up for a service that fits within your budget and can be used to accomplish all of your goals.

4. Not Utilizing Analytics Tools for SMM

Social Media Management Tools like Sprout Social provide analytics that can help you measure your success. Analytics provide metrics about the numbers of clicks, followers, and engagements that are happening on your social networks each day, giving tremendous insight into your company’s presence on social media. Focusing efforts around analytics is key to improving content for more effective marketing.

5. Not Personalizing Your Company

Social Media works best when it reflects the culture of your company. Make each page feel like the human behind it by using quotes, personalized posts, and even photos to make your pages more dynamic and engaging.

6. Not Maintaining Consistency

Brand Consistency is something that’s important to any social media campaign. Having a clear, consistent message across all social media platforms will help you to expand your reach and attract more followers.

7. Not Being Active Across all Social Media Channels

Social media campaigns work best when they are consistent across all social communication channels. It’s important to have a presence on as many different networks as possible so that people who follow or subscribe to one type of communication can still receive your updates.

8. Not Filling out All Network Account Defaults During Setup

Before you begin to use Sprout Social, certain information has to be entered so that it can monitor your networks correctly. Entries for Facebook Profile, Page, and Group names are just a few examples of the settings that need to be setup for Sprout Social to work correctly. Not doing this will result in incomplete data and inaccurate reporting.

9. Not Having a Social Media Strategy

You can’t just post and expect results! Successful campaigns take time and planning, and your campaign needs to reflect the goals that you set for yourself as well as how social media is integrated with other marketing initiatives. It’s important to create a strategy so that you have a plan for success and know what to expect from the campaign.

10. Not Responding to Negative Feedback

When responding to negative feedback on social media, remember that it’s important to apologize, take responsibility and provide a solution whenever possible. While it might be tempting to ignore or delete negative feedback instead of taking the time to respond, your customers will appreciate your willingness to get back to them and resolve their concerns.

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