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Is Digital Marketing More Effective Than TV Advertising?

TV advertising is still one of the strongest and most preferred marketing vehicles for brands. Live Sports, Tent-pole events (like award shows), and original series are always in high demand since they attract more eyeballs. But the television world is going through a massive transformation. At the same time, consumer behavior is transforming as well because of digitalization. As society becomes more connected online and on social media platforms, digital advertising is where the greatest opportunity lies. Here are a few reasons why…

Cord Cutting

  • US consumers are cutting the cable cord at an alarming rate and flocking to streaming services that may or may not be ad-supported. In 2013, 100M pay-TV households existed. As of March 2021, that number stands at 74M and will continue to erode quickly. This means that marketers have to turn to new outlets to reach consumers.

Digital Marketing Ads Are Cheaper

  • Digital Marketing via Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin is significantly cheaper than running ads on Television, especially if a marketer wants to reach younger consumers. This leads me to my next point…

The Need to Reach Younger Audiences

  • Social media platforms skew MUCH younger than traditional TV. If you’re looking to reach Adults 50+, then Broadcast and Cable networks are where you want to be. (There are about five networks that exist today that skew under the age of 45.) But most marketers are looking to reach younger consumers in the A18-34 or A18-49 range. These age demographics love social media. They hate cable TV.

Digital Marketing Data Targeting Efficiency

  • Data targeting is more effective and measurable on digital and social platforms. Although, Connected TVs and streaming platforms are allowing for similar targeting capabilities. But social media platforms are where data targeting at scale exists. This leads me to my next point…

Better ROAI in Digital Marketing

  • Measuring ROAI (return-on-adverting-investment) is easier in the digital space. You can see ad campaign performance and optimize your targeting strategy in real-time. You can also track the consumers’ path-to-purchase more effectively online. It is not that simple with TV advertising.

Ad Budget Flexibility

  • More advertising flexibility in digital/social advertising than on TV.

Final thought

Television will always be relevant for businesses and consumers regardless of how content is being consumed; cable boxes, smart devices, DTC platforms, or a Roku or Fire Stick. But the greatest opportunity to scale your business is online. If you’re not marketing to consumers in this space, your business will likely fail.

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