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Developing A Social Media Strategy and Things to Avoid

In this ever-changing world, developing a social media marketing strategy is now becoming the main pillar of brand success. Some businesses have been using it for years and have reaped the benefits as a result. But most businesses started shifting their attention to social media marketing in the past year or two. If you want your brand to succeed on social media platforms, it will be important to keep these Social Media Strategy tips in mind.

Not Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Have an action plan and clearly defined goals. Tailor each strategy to the platform you are using because each is used differently. What works on Facebook won’t necessarily work on Instagram or TikTok. There are best uses for each.

Not Engaging with Customers & Followers

Make it a top priority to respond to someone’s comment or DM. They are more likely to like and engage with a product or service if it feels like personal interaction, especially social media. Humanizing your brand, developing a community (or a following), and engaging with the community what social media was made for.

Not Targeting Your Target

Know who your audience is and what they want/need. How does your product or service fulfill their needs and differ from the competition? One of the main benefits of marketing on social media is that the targeting capabilities incredibly efficient and granular.

Buying Fake Followers

While it’s good to scale your brand online, buying fake followers will not boost engagement or convert to sales, nor will it lead to more followers through referrals/word of mouth. As a result, Instagram is also cracking down on fake followers.

Too Much Brand Promotion

If you flood your follower’s social feed, it may start to annoy them and lead to an unfollow. So instead, aim for one quality post per day. Also, you should utilize other features on the platform like Instagram Stories, Reels, or Facebook Live.

Not Using Paid Promotional Tools

If you want your brand to succeed, you must invest in marketing and advertising. Implementing these tools will drive brand awareness and sales conversions and give you more efficient use of your time investing in your product or service, especially if you don’t have a front-line sales team.

Making it All About You

Tell your audience what they want to hear. The content that you post should be of high quality, of significant interest, and be in line with the social network norms and your followers. Make it about and for them.

Relying Too Much on Automation

Don’t automate all of your posts. Instead, make them sound like they come from a real person. Stay authentic.

Managing Too Many Accounts

Keep your organization’s social media strategy to 2-4 social platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are mandatory. TikTok is getting there. Snapchat and Twitter are not necessary.

Not Developing A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media will continue to grow and be a necessary medium to market your brand as digitalization accelerates worldwide. We are not going back to the pre-social media days. As a result, what worked back then will not work now. Keep moving forward as quickly as possible!

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